Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorites Of 2010

So I figured I would just throw out some of my favorite albums from the past year cause I am rather bored at the moment lol. These are in no particular order so bear that in mind.

#1: Circa Survive- Blue Sky Noise/Appendage EP
Blue Sky Noise was the actual album put out by the band and the EP was another 5 tracks that didnt quite make the cut and I have no clue why. To really understand some of this album you must first know that the lead singer, Anthony Green, had checked himself into a mental institute while writing it. Anthony Green's lyrics have always been pretty good in my opinion, but this record took things to a new level. There are some heavier tracks that seem to deal with self struggles, particularly the song Get Out. There are also some very good slower songs like Frozen Creek or Dyed In The Wool. Overall this may just be my top pick of the year.

#2: The Gaslight Anthem- American Slang
This is certainly one of the best bands to come around in a while, it is like the punk rock love child of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. Every track on this cd brings a different feel and for only being a 10 track album, it is solid gold. I had the privelage of seeing them live in September and they were just as good live as on their records. This band is definetly one of the best things to come out of New Jersey ever.

#3: Deftones- Diamond Eyes
Now I only just recently got this cd but it really seems to be an amazing piece of work by the Deftones. There hasnt really been a Deftones album that I can listen to straight through and love every track besides this one. There are the heavier, scream influenced tracks that I really enjoy but also the slower songs are quite good. I must say the song Sextape is one amazing song and I suggest everyone check it out.

#4: Haste The Day- Attack Of The Wolf King
This probably wont be for most people due to the fact that it is hardcore at its best. Haste The Day is a christian screamo band that started in 2001, sadly this cd was their last before breaking up. The drums are heavy, the guitar parts give me a warm feeling inside, and overall I just enjoy it.

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